Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tails and pc

My mom is settled into the skilled nursing facility and has begun physical therapy which is going pretty well. Thanks for your prayers for her!

Today, I took time to make a couple of videos. One is about plastic canvas and was posted at Crafty Corral. The other is this one about weaving in those dangling tails, also called ends. I was asked to do a video about that, so I did. :-)

I hope you enjoy it.

I also made a hundred of the plastic canvas crosses that I talked about in the video. Here is a photo of those.

I purchased the 3" crosses at Craft Designs For You and have just placed an order to replace these. (They also have larger ones but I usually make a good quantity at one time and can't afford to buy the larger ones in that number.) I like to keep these small ones on hand for "emergencies". ;-)

I'm continuing to make more of the filet squares and granny squares as well.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Love the crosses!!!!!!!!! found you on crochetville!

  2. Loved hearing your voice, after all these years of knowing each other. Had to smile, you have quite an ascent. I used to use a metal needle then switched to plastic, but have broken a good number of them...they get bent, especially when working in lots of ends or where the work is tight etc.

    hope your video helps some folks, particularly those that knot and cut...I know it makes you as crazy as it does me.

  3. Forgot to say, I'm thrilled to hear your Mom is doing better, keeping your all in my thoughts,

  4. Thank you, Stacia! Glad you like them.
    Sandy, I have a "down the bayou" accent. :-) You should hear me after spending time in my hometown.