Monday, February 28, 2011

varied projects that are NOT Turqua and Blue LOL

You will be happy to note that I'm done with the Turqua and Blue scarves! On to different color schemes.

First up is a plain dc scarf which is dressed up in the beautiful ombre shades of color.I used this photo in yesterday's post. ;-) The yarn is called Sage Butter. It's a Loops and Thread Impeccable yarn.

Finished size is 7" x 63 1/2". It feels a bit strange to be making wider scarves again. heh This one is headed to Knit Your Bit.

Next up is a hat for a special request at Bev's Charity Challenge. (You can read about that group at Bev's blog.) The hat is just a simple dc and sc hat. The rounds are 12 dcs, 24, 36, 36, 48, 48, 60, 60, 72, then work even to however many rounds (about 7 1/2"), then four rounds of single crochet.

On that same group we were talking about wash cloths for Volunteer Angels so I worked up a few of those. I haven't worked with cotton in a while and this pretty variegated was nice to work with. The cloths are varied sizes.

Presently, I'm working on a scarf made with bulky Charisma yarn. More on that when it's done I'm using an M hook and straight dc so it should be quick.

Happy crocheting!


  1. How funny - I usually make skinny scarves so it was very weird to me to do ones as wide as the Special Olympics required. I love that about crochet - that everyone can do their own thing and still make great stuff!

  2. I love the design you got with the yarn from the scarf. I don't know how you do it. I have tried to do it using the same yarn and it comes out differently. I know our gauge is very similar, cant figure it out. Anyway, once again I am thrilled with your work.

  3. Ghost, I chained 22 for that scarf. That scarf is already on its way but when I was looking for a bit of leftover to get gauge I found two more skeins! So I'm making another. The gauge is 4 rows and 13 sts in 4" or 4 rows and 6 1/2 sts in 2". I used an H hook.