Wednesday, January 19, 2011

seamless hooded scarf 2

Another seamless hooded scarf is complete. You can read about the first one I did here. The pattern is by Andraya. Did I mention that I love this pattern?

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a photo of the hooded scarf with measuring tools... The first is 33" for the scarf only section. The numbers are a bit hard to read, but it shows point to point where I measured.

Now here is a photo of the original scarf worked with Knit Picks Swish Worsted washable wool placed on top of this new scarf. Remember I added a round to the hood on the wool one. Both scarves go to row 100 on the scarf section but I did 18 rather than 19 for the scarf section on the wool one for no reason other than I saw 18 and didn't read it thoroughly.

Measurements of the solid brown were (from my other blog entry):
scarf sections are 5" x 31" on each side. Hood from center top to end of scarf below it is 14". Hood from side to side when folded is 7".

That's just to show you the difference a yarn can make. It has nothing to do with the pattern. Both yarns are marked worsted weight #4 and neither yarn is what the designer used.

Here is Logan wearing the new scarf. Isn't he handsome? Hubby is more handsome in his though. :-)

Both scarves fit my husband. He prefers the fit of the variegated scarf but likes the solid brown color of the wool one. I prefer the fit of the wool one but like  the variegated color better. LOL So I guess I need to buy some solid brown Impeccable and some variegated Swish, right? Putting that on my yarn list asap. :-) I won't mind making more of these at all. It does feel odd to be making things for our own use though. heh

The original pattern used 350 yards of yarn. I used 440 yards for the solid brown, but remember I added over 30 rows to each side. For the multi scarf, I think I bought 3 skeins and I have maybe a bit more than half a skein left. The yarn is Loops and Thread Impeccable worsted acrylic, 192 yards (3.5oz) each skein. Two skeins would have been 384, so if I used 56 yards of the skein I have left that would be equal to what I used in the wool. I don't know how much I used, however, so I can't say for sure. :-)

I will give you a tip when making this scarf. I used safety pins to mark important spots in the pattern. What is important will probably be different depending on who is doing the crocheting. If you think you won't remember, the mark it.

I have tried stitch markers and they get caught in my yarn and split it. Safety pins work best for me, or a piece of yarn - but pins are easier to move. Also, when counting rows, I put a pin every 25 or 50 rows so I don't have to go back to the beginning and count when trying to get to 100. :-)

I am working on a new square pattern and will hopefully post soon, maybe even tomorrow. :-)

Happy crocheting!


  1. Nice scarf! Logan is scary though. :)

  2. Well, he IS a little pale, but isn't that "the look" now? :-)