Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Craft for a Cause

Jo-Ann Fabric store is having a contest. If you have a physical store near you, you're ahead. If not, you'll have to order your materials as you have to have a receipt from the store.

You can read about it at the blog and also at the web site. Note that this Craft for a Cause if NOT the same as Crafting for a Cause, the organization I belong to and for which I have been making the double yo-yos. This is a separate, limited effort.

The basics - make an item using the majority of your materials from JoAnn's (for example, use purchased yarn, but your own hook) and send it to your favorite charity before October 30.

Complete the entry form and send 3 photos of the item and a scanned copy of the receipt. This is all done online.

The top 5 contestants will win $1500. You will be "judged on creativity, quality & functionality for the charitable organization receiving item."

DO NOT send donations to Jo-Ann's. You send them to your favorite charity. They will judge your work based on the photos.

Three charities will be chosen as finalists and the public will then vote. The three charities will all receive substantial donations - $50,000, $25,000 and $15,000 so make sure your charity accepts monetary donations.

If you're under 14, from Maryland or Vermont, or you or a relative works for JoAnn or its affiliates, you are ineligible to participate. Only one entry per person.

 Don't forget to take three photos of the project per the rules:
   1. Complete Official Entry Form including signed Liability and Publicity Release and Consent portion at bottom of entry form.
   2. Three (3) color photographs with one photograph showing a full view of the entire item and two showing details such as a close-up view and the back or inside of the item, as appropriate. No professional photography permitted.
   3. A scanned image of Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store or receipt(s) showing the purchase of the materials used to make the project.
The entry form is here . Your photos will be attached. There is no physical entry. It is all done online.

I did not see anywhere that gave the definition of a charity but I have written to ask. [Edit: It says nonprofit on the entry form.]

Here is the kicker:
All entries [Sandie: that means your photos] become the property of Sponsor . By submitting an entry with photographs of your hand-made item, you hereby grant to Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. irrevocable rights to use, edit, post, publish, reproduce, display and create derivative works from your submission, or to choose not to use, edit, post, publish or create derivative works from your submission, in any media and for any purpose, including but not limited to project ideas, how-to sheets, magazines, patterns, internet website use,
social media, and more, without limitation and without further obligation to you, in its sole discretion.
Since there is no requirement that your project must be your own design, how can they make derivative works or patterns from your submission? I could not see the entrance form itself so maybe they ask this question there. I am always a little cautious about entering things where you lose control of your entry. This might just be legalese to protect themselves. [edit: Your PHOTO is your own creation. So they may mean photo?]

If the winner is notified and does not accept, that prize may not be awarded.

Moving on ...

I don't think I mentioned the filet tutorial at Crochet Cabana in the post about the Saggy Baggy elephant. So here it is.  . I found a couple of errors in it which I have now corrected. I am STILL a beginner at filet, so if you are more experienced and find an error, do let me know.

Happy crocheting!

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